Kindred Spirits embodies the spirit of a new century through the voice of an old one. A wonderful way to start a morning.
~ Connie

The group creates such wonderful tones, not only in the music, but amongst themselves ~ which transcends into the audience bringing about a wonderful and peaceful sound to all who hear! I highly recommend them to anyone.
~ Glen McGuire

Kindred Spirits certainly are that. Their music feeds my creativity.
~ Johanna

A pleasant ~ enthralling ~ uplifting ~ and sometimes humorous musical engagement.
~ Kevin

5 Stars! Dispelling All Woes is exactly what this cd does. The music is beautiful and uplifting. Plus, it includes many songs for the Renaissance dances of the same name.
~ Cliona

I love “Dispelling All Woes”. I first heard your tunes on RenRadio, and although I mostly had the station on as background music while working, I would catch myself sitting up and taking notice when your songs came on. After clicking the window to identify the song/artist several times, and it always being “Kindred Spirits” I ordered the CD. It’s wonderful! I think I’ve listened to it at least once a day since it arrived in December. I have an interest in Renaissance costuming (I’m very much an amateur seamstress, though) and your CD is lovely to sew to. Music to stitch by! I hope to be able to purchase more of your music in the future. Best Wishes, and Thank You for the music.
~Lori, Maryville, Tennessee

Not being a musician, just a dancer (for fun), I can say that your whole soul, and body dances when you are in the room with this music.What energy!!! ~ Everyone needs to treat themselves and enjoy these beautiful people and music.
~ Nona

Reviews from the November 13th Concert, “Mostly Celtic”. I just returned home from your show at Cameron Church and I wanted to let you know how incredible I thought it was. What a performance! I was beginning to wonder who was having more fun, those of us in the audience, or you in the band. It’s always refreshing to see a local band with the wealth of talent that you possess. Rest assured that you have created a convert, I will be coming to your concerts as often as you can perform them. I was there with about 10 friends who feel the exact way I do, so you might as well count them in, too. What an amazing show. I’m not sure how I could have enjoyed it more. Here’s my request: PLEASE do that again some time soon. Congratulations again, I haven’t been to a concert that I’ve been this enthusiastic about in a long while. By the way, yes, I bought your CD. I’m listening to it right now. It’s GREAT.
~ Sincerely, Dave

…..And the music? It was absolutely breathtaking! Seriously, I was spell-bound watching and listening to them perform. …. Many Celtic bands I see perform, just play. It looks more like work. Sure there’s great music, but the performance is kinda boring. Kindred Spirit took exquisite, beautiful music and made it fun. I got a CD and plan to listen today, and man, I can’t wait. Because I was mesmerized during their show. ”
~ Review – Brobdingnagian Bards, http://www.thebards.net