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Kindred Spirits - Ana Mettler, Marianne Gibbs, Ravay Snow, Vicki Jordan

If you’ve not yet had opportunity to hear Kindred Spirits, you have something spectacular to discover!  Kindred Spirits members love to share the fun, joy, magic and musical merriment with their audiences.
Kindred Spirits music group is comprised of four remarkable musicians who have a passion to musically entertain with a repertoire of Renaissance, Celtic and folk tunes of the old world. Instrumentation includes Celtic harp, cello, flute, viola, violin, guitar, accordion, piccolo, hammered dulcimer, marimba and bass.
These merry musicians often feature material aroundvarious themes. Kindred Spirits members like to fondly refer to their repertoire as the "Hits of the 16th century" or any century from 11th to 18th as this is the period from which most of their pieces are drawn.


Kindred Spirits