Dispelling All Woes

Kindred Spirits

Spirited and heartfelt music primarily of Renaissance and Celtic origin. Instrumentation includes recorders, penny whistle, viola/violin, mandolin, guitar, Celtic harp and cello. Classic, delightful, talented, Colorado instrumental ensemble.

Kindred Spirits embodies the spirit of a new century through the voice of an old one. A wonderful way to start a morning. ~ Connie

The three of them create such wonderful tones, not only in the music, but amongst themselves ~ which transcends into the audience bringing about a wonderful and peaceful sound to all who hear! I highly recommend them to anyone. ~ Glen McGuire

Kindred Spirits certainly are that. Their music feeds my creativity. ~ Johanna

A pleasant ~ enthralling ~ uplifting ~ and sometimes humorous musical engagement. ~ Kevin

I love "Dispelling All Woes". I first heard your tunes on RenRadio, and although I mostly had the station on as background music while working, I would catch myself sitting up and taking notice when your songs came on. After clicking the window to identify the song/artist several times, and it always being "Kindred Spirits" I ordered the CD. It's wonderful! I think I've listened to it at least once a day since it arrived in December. I have an interest in Renaissance costuming (I'm very much an amateur seamstress, though) and your CD is lovely to sew to. Music to stitch by! I hope to be able to purchase more of your music in the future. Best Wishes, and Thank You for the music. ~Lori, Maryville, Tennessee

Not being a musician, just a dancer (for fun), I can say that your whole soul, and body dances when you are in the room with this music. What energy!!! ~ Everyone needs to treat themselves and enjoy these beautiful people and music. ~ Nona Pandil

Reviews from the November 13th Concert, "Mostly Celtic" I just returned home from your show at Cameron Church and I wanted to let you know how incredible I thought it was. What a performance! I was beginning to wonder who was having more fun, those of us in the audience, or you in the band. It's always refreshing to see a local band with the wealth of talent that you possess. Rest assured that you have created a convert, I will be coming to your concerts as often as you can perform them. I was there with about 10 friends who feel the exact way I do, so you might as well count them in, too. What an amazing show. I'm not sure how I could have enjoyed it more.

Here's my request: PLEASE do that again some time soon. Congratulations again, I haven't been to a concert that I've been this enthusiastic about in a long while.

By the way, yes, I bought your CD. I'm listening to it right now. It's GREAT.

Sincerely, Dave Walker

.....And the music? It was absolutely breathtaking! Seriously, I was spell-bound watching and listening to them perform. The group said they didn't like playing up on big stages, being used to shows at ground level with the audience, but you could not tell. Many Celtic bands I see perform, just play. It looks more like work. Sure there's great music, but the performance is kinda boring. Kindred Spirit took exquisite, beautiful music and made it fun. I got a CD and plan to listen today, and man, I can't wait. Because I was mesmerized during their show. "

Review - Brogingan Bards - Opus Festival: http://www.thebards.net

The phrase kindred spirits' became real for me one Sunday in early December at a neighborhood coffee house in Lakewood, Colorado. Engrossed in the Sunday newspaper, the friendly sound of a string instrument tuning up in the backmusic' room bid me to explore its source.

There, remarkable ladies with an array of instruments including cello, viola, mandolin, Celtic harp, a range of recorders, pennywhistles, tambourines, and bells were preparing to musically entertain patrons with a repertoire of Renaissance, Celtic, and folk tunes of old Europe. They call themselves `Kindred Spirits', and they are.

It was a delightful surprise, as such music is rarely heard on Denver's commercial radio airwaves on any regular basis, despite the fact that most of the regional radio audience can culturally identify with the music of European and Celtic lands. So the opportunity to hear it live, intimate, and unamplified was a serendipitous treat.

These women have been playing together since 1993. They love the music they play, and thoroughly enjoy playing it together for an audience.

One can almost sense some great musical goddess hovering above them and orchestrating their souls and fingers as they play.

Like any of the world's famous musical ensembles, it is hard to imagine how the group would maintain its excellence if one of them were not there. They are uncannily `kindred spirits' while performing.

Not only does their music resonate to the ancient genetic memories of European and Celtic listeners, but their performance is a theatrical delight as well. Dressed in period clothing, they are each talented on several instruments besides their principal favorite, which they vary during their musical set, and even switch during a particular tune.

The group's fundamental instruments are Ana's cello and guitar, Marianne's 5-string viola and Celtic harp, and Ruth's varied recorders, mandolin, and penny whistle. String instrument lovers will appreciate the fine dexterity and sonorous range Ana evokes from her cello rendering the traditional Celtic and Renaissance aires.

Viola lovers will savor Marianne's expert touch with this instrument's friendly and unique range - a musical surprise to hear on its own. With a superb sense of timing and transition, the ladies each defer a solo segment to each other during the tunes which for spice, even include traditional Yiddish melodies.

Above all, hearing Kindred Spirits is fun. There's an almost magical synergy between them and their audience, which is probably engendered by the same musical muse that evidentally accompanies them wherever they play before an audience. You just have to experience it for yourself. They certainly lifted my spirits that gray December Sunday.

They produced a CD entitled "Dispelling all Woes", and have a website for information about their schedule and bookings. Find them at: www.the-kindred-spirits.com. Contactable via e-mail: thekindredspirits@juno.com . -end-

Note: Bill Boas is a writer and journalist currently living in Denver. His articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal,Business Week, the UPI wire service, and other local and national publications.

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