Lunchtime with exquisite music at South Street Market, Louisville, CO

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South Street Market, 824 South Street, Louisville, Colorado

Elevate your lunch with exquisite music by Kindred Spirits! Enjoy Kindred Spirits live music at South Street Market in Louisville, Colorado. No cover fee, South Street has a variety of extraordinary, delectable options for lunch as well as a variety of coffee/tea and other drink options.

Sometimes the moon, the stars, all kindsa planets, every knick-knack, paddywhack and give-a-dog-a-bones align!!! This is the case for Kindred Spirits, this coming Friday, July 28th at around 11:30am to 1:30pm at in Louisville, Colorado. Kindred Spirits members will all be in town, at the same time! Kindred Spirits can think of nothing more joyful should your schedules also align to join us and share some music, incredible food, ambiance and part of a beautiful day together at South Street Market!